Trump Campaign Announces VP Short list


The Donald Trump Campaign recently announced their short list of Vice Presidential Candidates.


7. Kevin Bacon

“Kevin is literally the most well-connected man on the planet.  If there’s ever a time when I need to get in touch with a world leader, all I have to do is say ‘get Kevin on the phone, pronto’ and boom, I’m on the phone with someone important.”

6. Charlie Sheen

“Charlie is a winner.  I love the Tiger Blood thing.  The combination of the two of us in a debate would be absolutely unstoppable.  No one would ever be able to keep up.  Total winner.”

5. Kim Kardashian

“She’s a total knock-out babe, and would make a great Veep.  All of these world leaders would be sitting there, staring at her rack, and I could just get them to agree to anything.”

4. Shia LaBeouf

“He’s unstable, unpredictable… You never know what he’s going to say.  I can’t think of a better person to put in front of the Israelis and Palestinians.  He’ll totally keep them off balance and there will be peace before they know what hit them!”

3. Alf

“I love this guy’s hair.  He’s got the hair of a total winner.”

2. Kanye West

“Kanye really knows how to market himself and he always says what’s on his mind.  I would absolutely love to see the Mexicans have a go at him.  There would be no contest.  None.”