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Trump University Offers New Degree In Flat Earth Studies

New York, New York — Trump University debuted its new degree program in Flat Earth Studies, adding more breadth to its Conspiracy Theory Concentration.

“We are excited to announce this degree program in our College of Conspiratorial Studies.  Frankly, it’s been a long time coming.  Some would say it’s been needed for over 500 years, before the Catholic Church abdicated its role in promoting geocentrism to the heliocentric Knights Templar.  And I think we all know what happened there!”

With this exciting educational addition, students can now explore a true liberal arts education.  Whether they take our course series on Obama’s birth certificate, Hillary’s emails, election fraud or our still-evolving Mueller Witch Hunt lecture series, our student scholars will be well-prepared to enter the world.  Lean how NASA, in conjunction with the Liberal Media, are working to undermine the President’s agenda and plunge us into a Commie Round Earth world where the Chinese undermine our economy and Mexicans stream through borders to dilute our national heritage.

Some of the courses include:

Photoshop 101:  How to detect when a picture “from space” has been created to give the appearance of a spherical Earth.

The Science of Barrel Distortion:  Learn how barrel distortion causes pictures to look convex/concave even when they are pointed at flat objects such as the Earth.

NASA and the Truth:  Why the “Space Race” caused NASA to lie about their achievements and the continuing effort to embezzle billions of dollars from the American treasury.

The Fact of Your Eyes:  Complex mathematical formulae do not negate the truth of what we can see.  Learn how to better trust only what you can see via Cartesian Doubt.  This course is also offered as a distance learning option streamed over the internet.

Flat Earth Meteorology:  Learn how weather is created by the Land itself.  For instance, rain only hitting one side of a mountain is due to mountains forcing clouds upwards and dissipating.

This new degree program offers the kind of quality education one would expect only from Trump University.  But you have to act fast.  Right now, we’re offering a special deal on this degree program.  For only $150,000 you can have the prestige and status that comes with a Trump University Education.  After December 31, prices go up to $200,000, so you definitely want to call us to arrange for financing right now!



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