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Director Forwards Cryptic Email

Senior businessman using smartphone --- Image by © Shuji Kobayashi/Corbis

Fort Worth, TX — Local IT Director Bob Lassiter today forwarded an email from the Marketing Department to his extended management team saying only “FYI”. “What the fuck does he want us to get out of this? Is this some kind of test? Jesus, I know my mind has been wandering in staff meetings, but I have no idea why this is something he would call our attention to”, said Sr. Manager, IT Jason Houseman. Other managers had similar reactions, wondering if they needed to take action or keep something in mind when dealing with internal customers. Mr. Lassiter, a repeat offender for sending vague emails is quoted as saying “that should keep those assholes on their toes for at least a week”. At press time, seven project managers were combing through the email looking for synergy. As a result of the email, 39 projects are now officially listed as being in the “inception” phase.



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