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Trump Campaign Announces VP Short list

Donald Trump

The Donald Trump Campaign recently announced their short list of Vice Presidential Candidates.


7 Kevin Bacon

“Kevin is literally the most well-connected man on the planet.  If there’s ever a time when I need to get in touch with a world leader, all I have to do is say ‘get Kevin on the phone, pronto’ and boom, I’m on the phone with someone important.”

6 Charlie Sheen

“Charlie is a winner.  I love the Tiger Blood thing.  The combination of the two of us in a debate would be absolutely unstoppable.  No one would ever be able to keep up.  Total winner.”

5 Kim Kardashian

“She’s a total knock-out babe, and would make a great Veep.  All of these world leaders would be sitting there, staring at her rack, and I could just get them to agree to anything.”

4 Shia LaBeouf

“He’s unstable, unpredictable… You never know what he’s going to say.  I can’t think of a better person to put in front of the Israelis and Palestinians.  He’ll totally keep them off balance and there will be peace before they know what hit them!”

3 Alf

“I love this guy’s hair.  He’s got the hair of a total winner.”

2 Kanye West

“Kanye really knows how to market himself and he always says what’s on his mind.  I would absolutely love to see the Mexicans have a go at him.  There would be no contest.  None.”



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