Americans United by Disgust of Friends’ Facebook Posts On Shooting

"I can't believe so many of my friends are raving lunatics"


Anywhere, USA — In the wake of the worst shooting spree in American history, Americans today are united only in the disgust that they feel about their friends’ sanctimonious posts about it.  Representative comments include:

“I don’t want to be confronted with real issues or opinions when I look at what my friends’ posts on Facebook, I just want to see cat videos or good news about their kids, for crying out loud.  Turns out, most of the people that I’ve friended on Facebook are just raving lunatics when it comes to either gay rights, gun control or Muslims.”

“The only thing I agree with about Terry’s post on gun control are all the people who chimed in telling him what an idiot he was,” said resident Trey Fusingham.  He continued, “But then, after hitting ‘like’ on all the posts I liked, I would look at other posts those same people had on a similar topic, only to find out that they were idiotic when it came to that subject!”

“That’s it, I’m taking a break from Facebook!  I can’t take any more of these pro-Muslim, pro-gay, anti-gun rants from the closeted liberals who I thought were my friends!”

Civil Rights Leaders Discouraged

Many civil rights activists, who for years called for more discussion of issues, recoiled in horror as they looked at precisely what they’ve been asking for.  “If I had known that the conversations we could have in this country would look like this, I would have just kept my mouth shut all these years,” said Jesse Jackson.  Now, thanks to Facebook, he can see, in real time, just how little progress has been made on open, constructive dialogue in this country.

Unfortunately while Americans unite in disgust over each other’s reactions, what is missing is any semblance of unity in respecting other people, not shooting other people or generally leaving people alone so long as they are not hurting you or infringing on your rights in any way.